Tuesday, February 9, 2010

25 Things About Me

I first posted this a year ago last February and thought "what better way to start my blog". After reading through it though I think some updating might be in order.

1. I am horrified by the sound and texture of cotton balls removing nail polish or opening of a pill bottle where you have to dig in and remove the cotton.
2. I LOVE reality TV… Bachelor, Survival, Project Runway, Amazing Race, etc.
3. I have an AMAZING husband. Jason and I spend our lives loving, laughing, and enjoying life no matter if at home or a night out and about. I can’t imagine a day without him and I love living every day of my life with him by my side. He is my balance.
4. I love calendars of all sizes and one of the best days of the year is when I get a new one to fill out.
5. I am really passionate about friendships. I love to make friends feel loved, taken care of, special, surprised, supported, and comfortable. A broken or lost friendship is devastating to me.
6. I HATE talking on the phone but will text or email until the cows come home. There are very rare exceptions to this.
7. I am highly insecure but I’m insecure about people finding out about my insecurity so I mask it with a loud and confident personality. I’m always far more aware of how cool my friends are and how much I have to improve, than I am aware of the reverse. I rarely give myself enough credit. I’m too hard on myself and frequently too hard on others.
8. I don’t like to touch the bottom of lakes and I’m fearful about being in large murky bodies of water in general. I like my water clear. I want to know what is below me. I want to see it.
9. What’s up with all the “death” clich├ęs… like… It’s to die for …. You kill me … I’m going to die… He/She is going to kill me… You make me sick… and that’s sometimes suppose to be a compliment? Hmmmm… interesting…. Maybe they should be replaced with…. “It’s to live for”… You make me want to live longer”… I so am going to live”… You make me want to be better”. The more you use the positive, the more natural it becomes.
10. We have heard it said as though it was great wisdom, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." Come on, that doesn't help anyone...I'd like to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say...then make sure you find something nice to say"...don't just silence your voice....let' use our voice as a tool of hope and encouragement...let's get some positive words into the atmosphere. I am trying.
11. I have found that time does not heal wounds...it's what we do with that time that determines whether the wounds will be healed or not.
12. It’s silly to complain about doing laundry. What’s the big deal? It isn’t like you have to sit and watch it until it is done!
13. I hate, hate, hate the smell of morning on other people… their breath… their body…. Take a shower… brush your teeth and then come see me
14. I have an extreme fear of heights. Don’t coax me on to a ferris wheel… promise that we won’t stop on the top and that you won’t rock the seat…… I always fell for that in my younger years.
15. Yes, “young at heart” is an age.
16. Reading always puts me to sleep. I would love to be able to read, concentrate on what is being read vs. reading and rereading and rereading the same paragraph over and over again while lists of other chores run through my head. This is a problem only with books, not with magazines or the internet.
17. Just because I don’t like to play poker doesn’t mean I won’t do other things. People once thought as close friends I miss but I don’t live, breath, sleep poker. And, no, hubby does not need my permission to play! I like to play other games… cards, dominoes, board games.
18. I want to die young, not be the old lady that no one wants to visit. I, also, want to die before Jason as I can’t imagine a day without him. Since I am 12 years older than him, I think the chances are in my favor.
19. I would like to author children’s books but still am searching for the idea they would be based on and character.
20. I'm a perfectionist who has adopted procrastination, and I hate both traits. There are so many things that I want to do, that I mean to do, but that I never end up doing. I’m still not sure if it is procrastination or if it is just that my desires are much greater than my time. Time? Did I say that? Thanks, Mom. I grew up hearing and use it to this day… “Don’t say you don’t have time as one makes time for what is important to them.” I think my medications have something to do with the procrastination.
21. My eyes are that of a cat.. blue.. green… they change colors with what I am wearing. I remember this boy… that used to say I had… bedroom eyes….lol.
22. My face… SMILE… ummmm I can’t smile! Having Bells Palsy twice has made me very aware of the word SMILE! My crooked face and seeing photos with me in it not being giving a few seconds to prepare the outcome. I miss my smile.
23. I am very blessed to have a lot of very close friends. I really appreciate them being there, and when we get together there is much fun and laughter. That means there a lot of good times that I can look back and reflect upon when times get rough. They teach me so much. I admire each of them for something different. They are all so unique and priceless. I regret not being able to hold onto friendships from the days of high school and through my first marriage. Although, I have a hard time socializing sometimes, believe it or not. Once I’m out and about I’m all for talking to laughing. But it’s difficult for me to come out of my house. I guess life changes us sometimes. I'm also blessed to have a supportive and wonderful husband and children that care about what I do, and help me through the bad times. I consider myself a pretty lucky woman. I have Jason spoils me rotten; he’s cool and yes, funny and happy and passionate. My family is beautiful and I’m proud of them.
24. What is a best friend? It is something that has been discussed several times with my therapist. She thinks along the lines I do… best means just that… best… there can only be one best. Although there can be one best male friend and one best female friend. They are the ones you think of all the time, the ones you tell all to, the ones you go to when in need, the ones you want to share first with your happiness.
25. Don’t tell me about the dream you had last night. I wish people who had great dreams understood that their dreams are far more interesting to them, than anyone else. So keep it to the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version, mmm’kay?

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