Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is One the Limit?

Is it assumed that one can enter a giveaway only once? And that once includes the numerous options offered by the give? How does one keep track of the giveaways they enter? If you are like me, you enter all that come your way in hopes of someday winning! But, when the post comes through about one and it may look familiar and you can’t remember if you registered or not… what to do? Did I bypass it due to a time constraint at the moment I first laid my eyes on it? I wish there was a “something” so when registering a nice, little note would pop up and let you know you have taken your turn.


Weezer said...

Well, I would think that you'd be able to go back into the comment section and see if you've left the proper remarks.
I love that picture.....reminds me of one I had years ago. Omni was his name.

Weezer said...

Good morning, lovely lady. You ask about my camera. I have a Nikon
D-40 and I absolutely love it. Before I got this one, I had an Olympus and it was nothing, nothing compared to the Nikon.
Thanks for asking and for your comments.