Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am Starting from Scratch!

Do you get carried away with the number of blogs you subscribe to? I was at almost 450 blogs and couldn’t keep up in Google Reader. You can imagine the number of posts I would try to read on a daily basis so as not to get behind. It had become ridiculous! For weeks I have tried to whittle it down and reorganizing them as they were delivered. That was taking more time than to just daily spend the time to weed through all the posts. So, last night I “selected all” and unsubbed from each one. How depressing this morning to check Google Reader to find a blank page. There has to be a better way. How do you decide what to subscribe to via email or Google Friend Connect? I need to find the secret.

And as I think of this I remember all the giveaways entered that don’t email you when you win, you find out by checking their blog posts. I hope my $1,000,000 big win isn’t in one of those posts!

It can only get better and more organized. I hate clutter. There has to be a better way….


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I'm with you on feeling out of control. But I love my bloggy friends and can't stand to give any of them up.

I'll be watching to see what your solution is!

Mandy said...

when you say you mean blogs on your sidebar???i ove so many bogs and there are so many more i am missing out on....i have loads on my sidebar....I don't know what to do either.....i don't visit them all the time....good luck with your