Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Real Craft Love

... is crocheting.  I learned to crochet when I was 20 years old - 34 years ago.  WOW!  When I was employed at Mayo Clinic on breaks and lunch we all would sit in the breakroom.  The majority of my co-workers at that time crocheted and some played 500.  That was where I learned to do both.  I started off with the ripple afghans and now they definitely are on my list of what not to do.  I usually give what I make and forget to take the photo before I do.  I can't even remember the number of baby blankets I have done but over 34 years there have been many babies.  Here are my last three projects that I kept which I hope to someday when I get enough inventory list on Etsy:

Washclothes/Dishrags:  My Mom loves these as I keep the size about 9 x 9 and the stitches are tight.   She hates the loose flimsy ones so for this product I take her direction.

Cowl:  For this I used the Lion Brand Jiffy Brand Bulky Yarn in Purple Spray.  It measures H 14" x W 48" (96" total) and drapes beautifully.

Afghan:  Yarn used was from Mooncake Yarn, Inc. a pure wool-worsted weight titled "Tranquility".  The color is "Quiet Water".  Size:  approximately 48" x 48".  Very cozy.

I have several other projects in the works and lots of yarn on hand.  I buy yarn like I do patterned paper.  Time flies by so fast in the yarn aisles of the store.  As I find patterns I look for the yarn and then I put the pattern and yarn together in a sealed bag at home ready to grab when ready to tackle that particular project.  When traveling I am never without my yarn bag.  Just being a passenger in a car and not working on something is wasted time to me.  I like to take advantage of it.


Donna Heber said...

Wonderful crochet projects! My grandmother could make afghans like yourself. Wish I had learned.

Stamping for Sanity! said...

I was given some crocheted dish clothes. They were fantastic. I loved them. When they got dirty, I put them in the dishwasher!