Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink Lemonade

I think I have crocheted more baby blankets than anything else. They are quick and make a gift that lasts forever. One summer I made for five babies. The investment made in yarn was costly as I bought 100% alpaca yarn that was oh so very nice. These blankies were so nice that all the people given to were too afraid to use them as they didn’t want to deal with washing them. Really? To say the least I was a bit disappointed and hurt.

Last summer on a trip to a craft store I strolled up and down each aisle as I usually do. This store is huge and I can easily enjoy three hours looking and touching, putting items in and out of the cart, going back to find something that hit me I just had to have ten aisles back – that kind of store. Fabric and I do not get along but I like looking at it and thinking maybe if I tried sewing one more time the sewing machine and I would come to some sort of agreement – the one that I could sew a useful item and be proud of it. So far that hasn’t happened. The bobbin and I don’t like each other.

During this trip I cruised the yarn aisles and came across some for baby I loved. Pink Lemonade. Creamsicles. And a SALE! I find I do the majority of crocheting in the summer. Some think I am crazy as they deem it too hot. Crocheting is a winter activity. Being that we were not at home I decided to make the pattern on the label of these two gorgeous yarns – purchasing both and the hook needed. Badabing… Badaboom… Done! The pattern was fast showing great progress with each row. The creamsicle one I sent to a blogger that I never met, feeling like she never won anything. She was due in just a few short weeks. I sent it immediately wanting to cheer her up. Nothing. Not a word from her. The end of the story for that blankie.

I still have the Pink Lemonade and asked my hubby to take photos of it (I forgot to take a pic of the Creamsicle one)! It was sunny and we have some nice snow. Hence, the Pink Lemonade photographed on a snow bank.


Denise Marzec said...

It's a BEAUTIFUL blanket....LOVE all the different colors!

Donna Heber said...


Beautiful blanket! I love the soft pastel colors.