Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Angel in Yellow

Recently, I participated in a Summer Color Burst Swap on SCS.  A few were flaked on and when the host, Kathleen, was looking for angels I answered her call.  I was given the choice to angel black or yellow.  Yellow was an easy choice since the person I had to surprise already in this swap was for the color black.  The "yellow" participant had not posted a list of her likes and dislikes so I was really taking a wild guess.  When I found out who the "yellow" was for I was even happier - Amber - or as known on SCS "fastmommie".  She is always a kind and fun soul so I really hoped what I was doing was right.  Below is the item I made just for her (sorry about the bad lighting):

 The tin was stuffed with yellow goodies.  I had just baked chocolate-chip banana bread and included that as bananas are yellow so how fitting!

Today, I received a very nice thank you note from her saying the "package brought tears to my eyes!"  She went on to say she "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lunchbox" and wasn't too sure she would be sharing the banana bread with her kiddos (I think she has 6!)

What a great way to start the day knowing you made some smiles.


Jeremy and Samantha said...

beautiful, these things must take forever to complete. Truly a gift to be cherished.

Devonay said...

Love it! You did a great job! I'm not surprised that she was so happy with it. Lucky Amber!

Jennipher Lowery said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!