Monday, August 13, 2012

May Arts Silk Indulgence Challenge

Today is the unveiling of the projects selected for the May Arts Silk Indulgence Craft Challenge.  And yes, I was fortunate to be chosen.  We were to submit a project with our choice of four ribbons in mind.  My idea was to alter a lamp shade. 

My ribbon initially arrived and delivery confirmation indicated it was left on our doorstep.  However, it was a day we were attending the funeral of my dear husband's best friend since high school.  We didn't return home until much later that night.  A few days passed and I emailed Bethney asking if the ribbon had been sent as mine had not been received.  Who knows where that envelope of ribbon disappeared to that day?  I even went out with my walker to look through the front landscaping to see if it had blown away and was stuck.  No such luck.  Once the ribbon did arrive I had to pitter-patter and dedicated several days working on the lamp shade.

Using the ribbons, various papers to bring out the ribbon colors, pearls, and ink I set off to create a shade of different patterns, textures, and dimension to highlight the ribbon.

Close-up and I love the Poloroid effect.

Full view.  Unfortunately there is no lamp to go with the shade.
There are amazing projects posted on the May Arts blog.  You won't want to miss them!  Plus, you have a chance to win 2 full spools of their 100% silk ribbon just by leaving a comment on which project(s) is your favorite. 

Of course, I would appreciate your vote as the winner has a chance to also receive ribbon.

Thanks for taking a peek!


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Ashley Horton said...

I voted Joan!! Congrats! :)