Thursday, February 14, 2013

The REAL Sassy

This is the real Sassy - our little girl.  We love her so much whether groomed/ungroomed, snowy, muddy.  She fills our life with so much love.  And for me, since I am homebound and have been for the last 20 months, Sassy is my companion and I would be lost without her.
Sassy's fur is nice and thick.  I call
her "My Curly Girly".  She needs
some grooming but isn't ready for her
summer cut quite yet.

Love this snowy face.  When you throw
snowballs she chases after them and then
buries her snout in the snow looking
for them.

Sassy came in from her snow play.  Shook all
the snow off in the dining room and went and sat down
on the carpet and looked at me.  She
looks pretty clean here!

Overnight, we had the most beautiful snowfall.  I think I have shared these photos with everyone.  The first three were taken about 7 AM.
Backyard trees so full of snow that you
can't see through to the houses behind us.

Backyard trees.

I love this photo.  It is taken out our
Kitchen bay window.  The blur is an
icicle hanging from the roof.
The last photo I took when Sassy was out playing in the snow.  As the snow started falling from all the trees it was like a blizzard.

Beautiful sunny day with a fresh blanket of snow.
Love it!
Now, the Arctic cold makes a brief visit.


Laura said...

Awww... Sassy is a doll! Love the snowy face! :) Beautiful pictures! It makes me miss the snow! We never see that in SoCal...

Melina said...

Beautiful pictures! Sassy looks like she is have great fun! :)