Thursday, July 11, 2013

May Arts Design Team Call - Round 2 Finalist

I am excited, nervous, and ever so grateful to be one of the finalists for the May Arts Design Team Call.  For this round, we were able to select the May Arts ribbon we wanted to use and create our project idea.

Do you remember the Welcome Rocks?  The ones with a bigger rock as a base?  Little rocks were painted to resemble ladybugs.  The one on the front step to the home I grew up in had ladybugs with our names painted below.  My project idea is based off that rock that still graces my Mom's front step.  Some of the supplies are the same - like the big rock for the base.  Nevertheless, the little rocks have now been replaced with May Arts ribbon.  To see how I made the below, read on.

Supplies Needed

My tutorial assumes you have some experience with crochet.

May Arts Ribbon 

1st card

BY 30y - Leaves (green)
360 3/8"x30y SCALLOPED TRIM (green)
359 3/4"x15y ELASTIC/PLAID RUFFLE (yellow)

2nd card

TZ 1.5"x10y-Flowers/Pearl Center/Wired (yellow)
XL 1"x15y - Faux Suede/Leaves (ivory)
MNN 3/8"x50y - SOLID/WOVEN CHECK (blue)
337 1/4"x50y SATIN - CENTER BAND (red)
367 5/8"x25y SHEER/LOOPED TRIM (blue)

3rd card

DA 3/16"x50y - STRING/LOOP (green)
SY 100y --------------- SATIN/STRING (black)
.SM 400y - String/Burlap (black)
BA 3/8"x10y - SATIN/CENTER RUFFLE (yellow)
BA 3/8"x10y - SATIN/CENTER RUFFLE (white)
367 5/8"x25y SHEER/LOOPED TRIM (green)

Additional Supplies

Spray Paint (I like to use this vs. acrylic paint as it is already waterproof)
Waterproof Spray (I used one for waterproofing shoes)
Clear Polyurethane
Beacon 3-in-1 Glue (It is waterproof)
Crochet Hooks (various sizes)
Acrylic paints

How To

Step 1 - Waterproof the Ribbon

Spray and toss the ribbon with a waterproofer. 
Let dry. 

Step 2 - Paint the Rock


Spray paint the rock giving it 2 - 3 coats for full coverage.
Note:  Using spray paint has the advantage of being waterproof.

Step 3 - Magic Knot

Use the Magic Knot for the flower buds and ladybug.
Make a loop with ribbon.
Cross the long tail over the top and to the right.
Short tail is under thumb.

Insert "J" crochet hook through the loop.
Hook ribbon and bring through the loop.
You should now have one loop on your hook.
 Hook ribbon again and bring through hoop on the hook.
*Go through loop on your finger from left to right and hook ribbon.
Bring back through finger loop. 
You should now have two loops on your hook.
Hook ribbon and bring back through both loops.*
Repeat from * to * for the desired size.
Work stitches over the tail.

 Once desired size is reached pull the longest tail up and through last stitch.

Pull both the short and long ends to cinch up the hole.
For the flower buds I made only five stitches.
Note:  Size of crochet hook and width of ribbon are factors in end result.

Step 4 - Ladybug

Follow the above procedure for the Magic Knot with 12 double-crochet stitches.
Hole has been cinched by pulling both ends.
Tie knot to hide underneath.
Use black cord for line down the middle of ladybug.
Tie off underneath.
Again, using the black cord, loop through top two stitches (one on each side of middle line) three times.
Thread cord through back stitches to tie off.
Note: Pearl is only head of pin used to pin to board for photo.

Cut length of black twine and thread through top loops.

Step 5 - Flowers

Note:  For tutorial purposes, I am showing how to do this off the rock.
Create circle of glue or use product like Tacky Dots.
Start with ribbon on the outer edge of adhesive.
Wind ribbon around the circle to the middle.
 Cut end to tuck in the center.

Step 6 - Leaves

Use desired colors for leaves.

 Lightly apply darker paint to leaf.

 Use lighter paint to add dimension.

 Paint lighter green on leaf.

Use darker green to edge leaf.

Step 7 - Flower Stems

 Cut various lengths of the green ribbons and apply them sporadically as the stems and vines.

Step 8 - Earth

 Apply adhesive to rock.
Keeping ribbon as one, zigzag ribbon on adhesive to hide various stem lengths and to create base.

Step 9 - Sealing

Spray finished rock with 2-3 coats of clear polyurethane or some like product.

The End Result

You now have the perfect housewarming gift or beautiful welcome to your own home.  With the abundance of May Arts ribbon it can be customized in numerous ways.  It can be placed inside/outside.  If placed outside I would suggest a covered stoop or porch to keep the gorgeous May Arts ribbons bright.
I hope you enjoyed my project idea and tutorial.  It was fun to make and exciting to be considered during Round 2 and the final selection for the May Arts Design Team.  Keep your eye on the May Arts blog next week as all the finalist's submissions will be posted.  Be sure to check them all out for what I am positive will be great inspiration!
Best of Luck to all the other creative souls being considered!
I am anxious for July 29 and the May Arts Design Team announcement.


Cathi ONeill said...

Sassy, this is GORGEOUS!! I crochet butterflies and flowers with crochet thread, but need to try to do some flowers with ribbon soon! Good luck for the final team!!

Laura said...

Sassy, you are crazy talented! This is AMAZING!! I can't imagine you NOT making the team with the creative use of ribbon here! Best of luck!! Fingers crossed for you!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065 said...

Oh my goodness! THIS is AMAZING! You are so talented!!!

Sharon said...

Awesome Joan!!! Absolutely Awesome!!!

Zella said...

Wow....WOW....WWWWWOOOOOWWWWW! Sassy, you are AMAZING!!!! It's completely understandable why you are a finalist.....your work as second to NONE!

Dell said...

Congratulations on being a finalist! So deserving and your project simply rocks!!!!

Thanks for the tutorial also.

Barb Craft said...

WOW!!!!! There is a lot of work and love in this project!!! I love the flowers you made from the ribbon and the little ladybug is just darling!

barb :)

Nicole said...

Sassy, this is amazingly beautiful! And so original! I love how you used the ribbon here hd all of the great colours! Good luck!

Joyce Casaldi said...

What an awesome project and tutorial, gorgeous.,

Melina said...

Oh my goodness! Sassy this is incredible! I can't believe the work you put into this. You are so creative and talented. :)

Lori Apgar said...

Wow!!! Your rock is gorgeous!!! Love the step-by-step!!!

Tania B said...

What a beautiful project. You put so much love, time and effort into it. I adore the detail, the colours, all of it.