About Me

I'm Joan aka Sassy(4.4.2007?.  Sassy is the actual name of ....

Isn't she sweet?  And cute?  Oh... and so loveable!  Sassy is my companion.

Sassy now has a sister, Gracie (4.1.2013).  She is also a peke-a-poo, just like her big sis.

We adopted Jaxon (9.23.2009) the summer  of 2014.  I immediately fell in love with him at an adoption event at Petsmart/Petco.  He was surrendered by an owner that didn't have time for him.  A definite sweetheart and attachment to my hip.

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Married to a wonderful man that is my balance.  I can't imagine a day without him and more than likely that won't happen since I am 12 years older.  If I could stop the clock and let him catch up to me I would do it in a heartbeat!

From my first marriage, I now have two grown "children", Ryan and Sarah, both which I am so very proud. Both May babies and 4 years apart.  Feel their love...

Born and raised in Minnesota and still here I dream of living in various places: on a lake, a beach on the Gulf side of Florida, the beach of Hawaii, or a hobby farm raising pygmy goats and llamas. 

I began papercrafting after the death of my Dad back in April, 2002.  At that time I made a book about his life x eleven copies.  Scrapbooking continued for many years for hire and as gifts.  I have yet to make one of me, my life, our life, or kids.  There's too much to catch up on so I am waiting on grandchildren.  Scrapbooking led me to cardmaking to altering to mixed media.  Twenty-plus years before papercrafting I began crocheting, counted-cross stitch, and needlepoint.  I have dabbled in ceramics, basketweaving, stenciling, etc. 

My papercrafting style has gone the full gamut.  Eclectic describes me best.  White space scares me.  I seem to always add one more thing.  I love lots of layers and textures and colors.   My craft room becomes a disaster zone with each project and I end up working in the tiniest of spaces when creating.

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Heidi said...

Joan this is the first time I saw this page! Your children are beautiful or shall I also say handsome. :)