Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

OK... my current blog title is KEEP ME IN YOUR HEART AWHILE ~ you may not always like what I do, but won't you always love me?  I remember when I selected that title it reminded me of what one always tells their children.  How true, how true!  Right?  

But now, I am thinking I want to change it to SASSY MOMENTS.  My nickname is Sassy, my boss tells me I am sassy, my puppers full name is Princess SassyPants ~ we call her Sassy for short.  Well... actually my husband really doesn't own up to what I call her full name and there is no way he would be outside calling her... Princess SassyPants... come... lol.  
(Isn't she cute?)

I guess if I change it, I can always change it back, or to something else.  How many blog names have you used?  Tried?  Was it hard coming up with your title.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.... 

1 comment:

Weezer said...

I've always used Weezer's Haven. It was just something I came up with when I was experimenting with setting up my blog almost 4 years ago now. It's kinda stuck.

If you think that changing your blog fits you better today than when you set up your blog, I say go for it. I"m gonna love you no matter what you call your blog. :)
I love the new photo by the way. It's much softer and....well. Sassy.