Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a JOB!

My blog control has gotten way out of hand!  I cannot keep up but I want to see and read it all!  Yesterday, I checked and I was back to being subscribed to more than 400 blogs.  Gotta get this under control!  Instead of being an alcoholic, I am a blogaholic!  Is there such a word?  So, today, I decided to view each and every one.  Slooooooooooooow process.... How should I do this?

1.  If there have been no new posts in 2011 - unsub
2.  If the blog doesn't even exist any more.... easy one... unsub
3.  If your interests have changed... unsub
4.  If you don't like the background music... unsub (lol)
These are just some of the silly ways I am trying to get my list under control. There are so many fun and interesting and creative blogs out in Blog World.  

I guess for me, just like with Ruffles (you can't eat just one), I can't subscribe to just one.


Donna Heber said...

Wow! I don't know how you do it. I hope I am still in your list.

Sassy said...

You will be... one of the other reason's I am cleaning up is to make room for New Kids!

Weezer said...

It's difficult. I try to keep up with so many and I just can't everyday. Seems like every day I have different ways of checking in with others. There are so many wonderful blogs out there and so much to learn from them. I think there are lots like you. Including me. But it's a process. I hope you're having a good year. It's cold here in Georgia. I'm already looking forward to spring.
Blessings. Stay warm.

Linda's Craziness said...

Sweetie, how do you have the time. I am lucky if I can get to the people on my blog groups just once a month. This new group is proving to be really great. Love everything that has been shared so far. TFS - I need to clean out my blog groups also.