Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Report Card

I decided to report on how I did with the 2011 challenges I listed to keep me busy in 2011.  Some happened, some had progress, and others I must have changed my mind on!

1.  Organize my recipes and cookbooks ~ I have recipes all over the house in all sorts of baskets and bins, torn from magazines, printed from the computer, cookbooks, recipe cards... you name it I more than likely have a recipe in that form.  My challenge is to find them all and locate them all in one area by theme, alphabetically, on recipe cards.  I haven't decided yet the form I want them to take but I am thinking along the lines of three-ring binders.  +1 - I have gone through all my recipe books, binders, magazines and lose cards and threw out what I have yet to make, know I won't make, and didn't realize I had kept.  Plus, Pinterest now keeps me saving a tree and a location for all the online goodies I find and may someday want to try.

2.  Reading inspirational and biographies - my favs.  My challenge is to read a book each month.  +1/2 - Unfortunately, my eyes deteriorated immensely during 2011 and with new glasses in November the prescription still isn't right making reading very difficult.  I did, however, acquire several books I hope to someday read.

3.  Here's a doozy of a challenge to me - try to break my addiction to the computer perhaps by checking it less often, limiting the evenings I spend on here.  I need to make a plan.  If I would get off the computer just think of the projects that would be completed. 0 - I failed big time!  With sleeping less and less hours as the year went on I found myself online more playing games to occupy the middle of night hours and time just alone while everyone else is at work.  

4.  I have an Etsy Shop or should I say an Etsy banner and icon BUT it is an empty shop.  My challenge is to start building the shop with my items.  0 - I had items listed that I decided to give as gifts.  Now, my shop sits empty again.  

5.  Take more pictures and organize them.  They are a lot like recipes.  I have photos in numerous websites online along with a huge storage bin to heavy to lift.  Get them in books and pick one online site to host them at.  +1 I think I made great strides at taking more photos of the items I have made and in the transfer of photos to Picasa.

6.  Blog, blog, blog.... I love to blog and I love subscribing to other blogs, and reading them.  But the number I presently subscribe to there isn't enough time in the day to read them all.  +1  I do blog especially items I make, music I love, and words that inspire.  The number of blogs I did subscribe to I "had" brought down to 50-60 from 500, but the number is creeping up.  I no longer think I have to read each and every blog on a daily basis.  Thank goodness for the option to sort them as time allows and if I don't get to them, oh well.

7.  Participate monthly in scrapbooking/stamping online challenges - at least one.  +1 Definitely have accomplished

8.  Put more thought in authoring a children's book.  +1 I know what my character would be, the name, ideas to keep authoring the character, just am unsure of how to get started.

9.  My ultimate challenge is to be part of a design team. +1 and +1 Not only one, but two design teams!

10.  When I am tired and feeling exhausted, get up and move.  0 Unfortantely, my health took a downward spiral this year leaving me on long-term disability since June.  With no improvement yet in sight, unable to drive, and walk without assistance, I am not sure where this will have a part in the future.

11.  Continue to build on family relationships.  +1 

12.  My best friend is my husband.  I have been told I expect too much from girlfriends and therefore I have no close friendships in that respect.  I want a best "girl" friend - one that has your back, is loyal, has same interests, etc.  0 No best girlfriend locally, but my online friends are amazing.

13.  Follow this site and watch the videos religiously, weekly...  0 I completely forgot all about this one!

14.  Declutter.  Declutter the house and the garage. +1 This is an ongoing process that I think is never ending.

My Report Card Score:  9 1/2 out of 14

Time now to post my 2012 Challenges.

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