Saturday, August 25, 2012

WINNER! Building Friendships Blog Hop

OOOPS... I am a bit behind.  OK, I actually forgot to post the winner of my item from the Building Friendships Blog Hop.  Heidi drew all the winner names and I am telling you that for a reason.  See, the person that won my item has become a wonderful friend.  She is bratty, loves the color purple, diamonds are her favortie gem followed by amethyst, super-talented and creative, and one of the nicest peeps I have met online and this transformed in to a fantastic friendship.
Yes, Abby Henderson, I am talking about you.

Come on down!  You are the winner of Sassy Moment's Building Friendships Blog Hop Back to School!


1 comment:

Scrappin Abby said...

Yahoo!!! I wanted to win yours..I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for the kind things you said about me (I'm secretly thanking you for leaving pig out..haha) I feel exactly the same about you : )

Woo hoo..can't wait to get my prize!!

P.S.thanks for typing my name in it!!