Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not Totally Lost...

First, I want to thank my followers that have contacted me regarding my whereabouts.  Your concern and thoughts all were and are very much appreciated.

The last six weeks I have had lots of medical appointments, tendonitis, changes in meds which still affect me in my daily routine, and bifocals.  I still cannot see!  I am beginning to think I am one of those people, or maybe the only one on earth, meant not to wear glasses or has big problems getting used to wearing them.  And to think I was excited to be able to read.  Not so much!  With the top half being for distance and the bottom for reading I get nauseas and now experience headaches of a different type.  I thought a chain that would hold my glasses around my neck would be the key.  Oh heck no!  Talk about looking old!  Me, in my bandana headband, braids, bifocals, chain, and bright red hair... you get the picture.

I am coming back so please bear with me and stay tuned!


Carol L said...

For the record - I tried 3 different pair of bifocals and never could get used to them in spite of trying so hard to adapt! My eye dr told me 3% of the population will never be able to use them, and I clearly fall into that category! I have everyday glasses, computer glasses, and fine work glasses, and that's just how I roll. It's inconvenient, but nothing is worse than trying to climb stairs and your feet don't seem to hit the floor! OY! Good luck, I hope you find a happy place where you can see without all the side effects!

Rosie Gustafson said...

I am glad to see you are coming back with your projects. I really enjoy following your blog. I hope things are looking up!